communities, wellbeing and science – a day of public engagement


SDHI  is planning  a day of public engagement as part of the ESRC festival of science 2011 The aim is to present a range of work to the public, to inform a wider audience about what SDHI and its affiliations do, what we aim to deliver, and how this may impact on the wellbeing and quality of life of individuals in the community.

Participation in the event will provide students and staff the opportunity to present their work to a non-academic audience, engage service users in the work of  SDHI and the broader social-wellbeing-research community. This will also demonstrate why public involvement is important to our research and research planning and may promote service user participation in future research and research related activities.

Finally, this day event aims to underline the interdisciplinary and co-operative approach within the research community which SDHI is committed to facilitating.

The event will take place in Dundee’s Central Library in the Wellgate Shopping Centre on Saturday, 29th October 2011. For more information follow newsupdates on our blog and Twitter or contact Dr Fred Comerford

What matters to you about health care other than health?

Can cardiac rehabilitation help you or someone you know?

Do projects designed to improve health, wellbeing and participation work – How can we tell?

How can new technologies help the elderly and people diagnosed with dementia?

Have you ever been involved in scientific research? – find out just how important your input can be.

……..and more!

Research staff from the Social Dimensions of Health Institute, and some friend of the institute, will be on hand to tell you about their work and show you how we try to answer these questions and more.

Come along and create logic models, play with mind maps, check out how we do our research or just ask us questions

You can even have a go at “who wants to be a millionaire”. (We can’t offer you the money’ but we can promise you the thrill)

We will be by our stands on the Lending library floor of Dundee Central library in the Wellgate shopping Centre from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm so please drop by and chat with us.

Friends of SDHI who are taking part

PAMIS –  University of Dundee. Working with vulnerable adults

SHARE – University of Dundee. Developing a database of people in Scotland, willing to take part in health related research.

SCDRN – NHS. Scottish Dementia Clinical research Network.

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