‘Critical Geographies of Wellbeing’ Seminar

The Seminar will take place

Wednesday 16th November 2011

University of Dundee, Dalhousie 3G02, 1-4pm (tea/coffee at 2.30)

‘Wellbeing’ is a widely used term in geographies of health and across the social sciences, and in policy discourse. The concept offers a way of moving beyond the often limiting biomedical understandings of health, allowing for a broader sense of being ‘healthy’ and ‘unwell’. Geographers have become interested in the ways in which wellbeing is shaped by interrelations between people and within places (including home, natural environments, and care contexts). However, there is concern about the lack of definition of the concept and, further, the ways in which it has been adopted by neoliberal welfare states (as with the notion of ‘social inclusion’). A more critical engagement with the concept and the usage of ‘wellbeing’ is therefore needed.

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The seminar will discuss and debate the concept of ‘wellbeing’, with contributions from three academics who have written extensively on the subject:


Dr. Tim Schwanen

(School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford)



Dr. Sarah Atkinson

(Department of Geography and Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University)



Dr. Thilo Kroll

(Co-Director, Social Dimensions of Health Institute, University of Dundee)



Discussant: Dr. Ed Hall (Geography, University of Dundee)



For more information, please contract Dr. Ed Hall, e.c.hall@dundee.ac.uk or 01382 388073

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