Help us grow our online community

SDHI is just getting up to speed with social media and technologies that connect us to information that is relevant to our vibrant research community. A quick and effective way to share information and updates is via Twitter feeds. Let us put a challenge out: 500 folllowers by Christmas! Is this doable? Absolutely, but we need your help. How can you grow the number of people following us?
1. If you are already on Twitter, sign up and follow us at @SDHIresearch
2. If you know of organisations and institutions that reflect your line of social dimensions research, tell us about them and we will find out if they have a Twitter address

Twitter is not just about people who tell you what they are having for breakfast. It is the quickest way to pass information of interests, news, alerts, real time events on to others. SDHI operates in a global environment and Twitter is one way to ‘mobilise knowledge’.

The best thing is, you can share this information whereever you are. If you are traveling, you can read and send updates from the road.

The challenge is on!

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