Strong SDHI contingent attending the worldwide largest Public Health Conference in Washington DC

SDHI researchers will present at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting and Exposition, which will be held between 29 October and 2 November 2011 in Washington DC. The topics of the presentations and posters are as diverse as the scope of high quality and policy relevant research conducted by SDHI researchers. Professor Peter Donnelly and his team from the University of St Andrews, which also includes Dr Damien Williams, Dr Morven Shearer, Dr Scott Greer, Dr Alexander Butchart, Ms Ellen Stewart, Ms Madeline Baines, Mr Iain Wilson, Ms Alison Gehring, and Ms Hanna Murgatroyd, will present on reducing gang-related violence in Scotland through engagement and focused partnerships, alcohol-related anti-social behaviour, access to care for children with cerebral palsy, and the impact of national elections on the Scottish National Health Service. Dr Jacqui Morris, Dr Tracey Oliver, Dr Steven MacGillivary and Dr Thilo Kroll from the University of Dundee will present on barriers of and facilitators of long-term engagement in physical activity after stroke.

myWPEditImage Image

Detailed information about the conference and the programme can be found here: APHA 2011

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