Which experiences of healthcare delivery matter to patients and why?

Researchers from SDHI and the University of Aberdeen have just published a broad ranging review of patients’ experiences of health care delivery. They developed a conceptual map that can help service providers and researchers attend to the range of ways in which the characteristics and actions of health services and staff, and the ways they relate to patients, have implications for patients’ capabilities to feel, be and do what they value feeling, being and doing – in the course of their health care contacts and beyond. The conceptual map presents experiences of health care delivery from a patient’s perspective. It highlights the need for service provision to be responsive to individuals because highly standardised procedures and behaviours cannot achieve the capability experiences that matter for all patients.

You can find the paper (free, with open access) at:  


Vikki Entwistle will be among the SDHI researchers at the ‘day of public engagement’ at Dundee Central Library on 29th October 2011 (10am – 4pm). She will invite people to discuss their own experiences of health care delivery and how these relate to the concepts on the map.

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