Centre for Studying Health Inequalities in Cancer

A Civic Reception at Dundee City Council Chambers brought together around 60 representatives for Dundee City Council, the NHS and the University of Dundee today. The Lord Provost of Dundee, John Letford welcomed the attendees. Tayside and Dundee continue to have substantial disparities in health outcomes and cancer survival between the poorest and most affluent segments of its population. Intersectorial and interdisciplinary action is required to tackle these persistent inequalities. A Centre for Studying Health Inequalities in Cancer is seen as providing new impetus to addressing the equality gap in close collaboration with local communities. The meeting was initiated by Professor Kearney in the School of Nursing & Midwifery at the University of Dundee. Mr Gerry Marr, Chief Executive NHS Tayside and Mr David Dorward, Chief Executive, Dundee City Council are supporting the initiative. The Principal of the University of Dundee, Professor Downes stressed the importance of interdisciplinary working. SDHI will strive to engage closely with the new Centre.

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