Emerging research development groups

SDHI is supporting the development of interdisciplinary research development groups (RDGs). Some of these emerging groups are centred around existing research funding, others are developing with future research opportunities in mind. In this process we would like to invite you to participate in this process. The purpose of the groups is to develop research grants and build and enhance research capabilities across the universities and partners. On this newsblog we already reported on a group focused on ‘Intellectual Disabilities’, and also described SDHIs support for the ‘CanWork’ initiative, a UK wide network of researchers engaged in employment-related research in cancer. New initiatives on the horizon are emerging groups in the following areas:

1. Rehabilitation and recovery

This group so far consists of researchers from various disciplines in the applied health sciences (physiotherapy, nursing), psychology and social sciences. Current grants among others focus on physical activity after stroke, stroke outcome measurement, and cancer rehabilitation.

2. Inequalities and oral health

This group is being formed to bring together researchers from dentistry/oral health science, public health, nursing, psychology. The group explores common research interests in topics like early years interventions in oral health, craniofacial impairments, access to oral health care for special populations (e.g. homeless, prison).

3. Public health perspectives on disability

This strand of work focuses on the experiences of people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities with access to and utilisation of health care services. It takes into consideration person and environment factors and is anchored in the WHO International Classification on Functioning, Disability and Health. The aim is to bring together researchers from various disciplines around three strands of work: (1) inclusive measurement, (2) access and utilisation of primary care and specialist services, and (3) health promotion.

If you are interested in participating in any of these research development groups or if you have ideas and seek partners for new research groupings that focus on the social dimension of health, wellbeing and participation, please do get in touch with us.

We will post updates on the development of these and other groups on our newsblog.

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