SDHI engages public at Fife Science Festival

SDHI was represented by ways of Institute manager Dr Fred Comerford at an Open Day event that was part of the Fife Science Festival 2012 in the Dundee Science Centre (DSC) Sensation. Conversations supported by picture cards focused on ‘what matters about health care that is not health care’ and ‘life opportunities for people with disabilities’ .

The event was well attended by families and individuals from Tayside and Fife despite strong ‘competition’ in the form of a beautiful, sunny spring day.



In one task, people were asked to set out their priorities from a series of cards representing what people value about health care apart from their health. The idea was to lay out the values in a diamond pattern, placing the most important value at the top and then each in order of importance with the least important at the bottom.

What matters to you about health care that is not health?

The results were compiled and the most popular answers for each position are shown on the image above. If you tried this on the day, how does this result compare with your choice? You can comment on the outcome on twitter @SDHIresearch, facebook or by e-mail

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