We asked, you responded

Recently, we asked you what you would like to see on our SDHI blog. Nearly two-thirds (62%) said they would like to see ‘Short features and progress updates about ongoing projects by SDHI researchers’ , 23% wanted us to report on ‘General scientific news and links to events related to social dimensions of health, wellbeing and participation topics’, and 15% said that they wanted ‘in-depth coverage of events that SDHI is hosting or involved in’. The quick poll did not allow for multiple responses and forced a single response category. In the future, we will provide more short project features and updates and also provide you with links to the most recent publications from ongoing research projects. General scientific news will be reported primarily via our Twitter feeds. At the moment we are exploring to aggregate these in the form of monthly research summaries (SDHI Twitter Research Digest or TRD). Quarterly, we will provide activity summaries and announcements in the form of our newsletter ‘Connections’. We will continue to provide continuous updates on events and may broadcast events live via Twitter, Webinars or (in the future as Video lifestream).

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