SDHI appeal to photographic talents

Do you have a camera? Well, then you are a photographer. SDHI is looking for pictures that reflect the spectrum of research of the SDHI community. Over the next months we will issue repeated calls for photos. The first topic we are focusing on is ‘Wellbeing’. What does wellbeing mean to you? How can this be expressed in pictures? Is it a sensation associated with a restful and scenic place in the mountains or by the water? Is it a day on the beach while on holiday, a quiet moment in a cafe? A hot cup of tea, an energising game of football? Please send us your photos and we will display all appropriate photos on our website. Can we kindly ask you, not to send images of people who may be identifiable. We will review all entries and the winner will receive a £50 gift voucher. Please submit your photo entries, labelled ‘Wellbeing Photo Contest’ by 1 July 2012myWPEditImage Image

myWPEdit Image

to Rosanne Bell (r.c.bell or Fred Comerford (fac1

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