Public and professional consultation: Project seeks input into refinement of reference guide for health professionals

A few weeks’ ago we reported in a Webinar by Dr Karen Ritchie and Deepa Jahagirdar (if you missed it, you can find the link to the recording on our blog) about a project between the universities of Glasgow and Dundee and Healthcare Improvement Scotland that examines the usability and accessibility of patient-reported outcome measures or PROMS for people with learning disabilities and low literacy. The research has led to the development of a reference manual or user guide, which is intended for health professionals who are tasked with PROM measurement in clinical practice and who may have to reflect on the practice of using PROMS with people with learning disabilities or low literacy.

Please assist us with comments about our new reference user guide for health professionals. The purpose of the reference guide is to highlight challenges in routine outcome measurement when working with people with low literacy and/or learning disabilities. Tell us, what you think. Will the guide be useful? How can we improve it? What will enhance its usefulness and adoption by health professionals?

  • What are your first impressions?
  • What do think about the format/presentation of the guide?
  • What about the content? Is it relevant?
  • Is the language we use in the guide appropriate?
  • Is the document comprehensive enough or is anything missing?
  • Is the guide accurate and correct?
  • How could you use it in practice?
  • Is there anything else you want to let us know about?

You can also find a pdf version of theĀ PROMS Use Reference Guide Low Literacy and Learning Disability. Please review the reference guide below and send your comments by email to Deepa.Jahagirdar

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