Providing Health Care to Diverse Communities in Brazil Recorded Lifestream

Camila Biazus Dalcin, a final year nursing student from the Franciscan University Centre (UNIFRA) who visits Dundee as a scholar in the Brazilian ‘Science Without Borders’ Programme (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPQ) presented a seminar on the 27th June. In her presentation she focused on nursing education and community development and research work in socially and economically diverse communities. Brazil is undergoing profound changes, economically, politically and socially. In 1988 a new healthcare system ‘Unified Health System’ or SUS was formed on the basis of the Brazilian constitution. The new system aims to provide fair and equitable health care to all citizens and introduces a shift in emphasis from treatment towards prevention. Health and wellbeing are regarded as community, not individual issues. The focus on delivering care in the community requires involving the population in the health promotion and is supported by a diverse group of health professionals.

The presentation was also a trial run of SDHI’s new lifestream (‘SDHI TV’). A sequence of the presentation is available here as a recording provided by UStream. For a better quality recording, please stay tuned, we are working on it.

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