New Associate Director

We are delighted to announce that Dr Gozde Ozakinci has joined the SDHI management team as an Associate Director.

Gozde is also a lecturer in health psychology in the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews.  She gained her BA in Psychology in Istanbul, Turkey (1995, Bogazici University). Like pretty much all psychology students Gozde thought she wanted to be a clinical psychologist. Luckily, she had the opportunity to be a community service volunteer in a psychiatric hospital in Cardiff for a year which gave her some taste of an environment she might work in. Gozde decided against studying clinical psychology but instead went into health psychology which fed her research ambition more. She did her MSc in Health Psychology at the University College London. Following a two-year stint as a teaching assistant at the Istanbul Bilgi University, Gozde moved to USA to do her PhD at the Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey in social/health psychology. Then she had the opportunity to come to the University of St Andrews as a postdoc (2004) and has been a lecturer in health psychology since 2006. Gozde is also an honorary member of staff at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre working with cancer patients.

Gozde is broadly interested in health-related cognitions, affect, and behaviours. She mostly works with cancer patients (although not exclusively) around issues following cancer diagnosis and treatment that include fears of cancer recurrence and behaviour change. But Gozde can’t really sum up all the areas she is working in so please check her website:

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