One woman play ‘Acceptance’ (written and performed by Lisa Nicoll) – 3rd November

As part of the SDHI Day of Public Engagement (Public Engagement 031112), Lisa will perform her one woman play ‘Acceptance’ in the Steps Theatre, Central Library, Wellgate Shopping Centre at 1pm on Saturday 3rd November.  Based on true stories, ‘Acceptance’ follows the story of Scarlet, 30, who since the age of 15 has spent her life trying to fit in and be liked and loved by others – friends, family and men.  Pressured by her need to be popular and fit into her surroundings she finds the easiest way to make herself feel confident, strong, chatty and liked is to go out and have a drink.  Comments and discussion will follow.

For further information please contact Fred Comerford (fac1 or Rosanne Bell (r.c.bell

For further information about Lisa visit

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