Growing recognition of SDHI in the APHA Disability Section

It is day 3 of the APHA Public Health Conference in San Francisco. While some of the presentations and sessions have suffered from a lack of attendance due to storm Sandy and possibly from a slight innovation fatigue the day has brought lots of interesting conversations and opportunities for disability, rehabilitation and health research. Just a few previews of what may develop into further collaborations: a Fullbright scholar exchange with SDHI that would allow us to deepen understanding of global disability measurement issues. Another positive development is that we will shortly announce additional webinars with academics from Cornell University and the University of Kansas. Further, there has been an interest from various parties in another conference on participation and disability, similar to the conference that we hosted in 2011. There are also concrete ideas to advance collaboration on research projects in the areas of physical activity and disability and disability measurement. Finally, steps have been taken to invigorate the online journal ‘Rehabilitation Process and Outcome’ with several manuscripts planned for submission. This very personal reflection does not capture the various experiences that other SDHI affiliated researchers have made. I will seek to capture some of those over the next few days as well. Next year’s APHA meeting will be held in Boston. It is entitled ‘Think global, act local’ and it will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the spectrum of social dimensions research that is happening at the universities of Dundee and St Andrews. Sunny greetings from California!

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