ESRC PhD Studentships

The ESRC Scottish Graduate School of Social Science Doctoral Training Centre (SGS-DTC) Competition is now inviting submissions for studentships. Please note that the applications have to be developed by prospective students. Students may only apply through 1 of 10 Scottish universities but can submit through multiple pathways (e.g. Health, Geography, Economics). All applications will have to be made through the university’s ESRC DTC Contact. Details of the application process can be found here

Please note, acceptance by the ESRC does not guarantee admittance to the university. The SGS-DTC has no role in this.

The first deadline is 22 February 2013 (Registration). The second is 8 March 2013 (Full application submitted).

Moreover, the ESRC SGS-DTC has allocated up to 9 awards for collaborative studentships.

In 2013 there will be an expectation that collaborative studentships will normally include an element of monetary co-funding. The target amount is 10% of the studentship package, which is approximately £1,820 per annum for a standard studentship. A collaborative studentship can be a 1+3 or a +3 award.

SGS-DTC funding is limited to the standard ESRC studentship package: fees, maintenance, RTSG, overseas travel allowance. Additional funding requirements including travel, subsistence, and accommodation in connection with visits to the collaborating partner, will not be funded by the SGS-DTC.
It is not a requirement that applications identify a named student although they can do so. Where applicants do not identify a named student candidate, they should clearly identify when and how they plan to advertise and recruit a student to carry out the studentship.

Applications for collaborative awards can be submitted by prospective supervisors based within recognised SGS-DTC pathways. The SGS-DTC has designed an application form which will be available on the SGS-DTC website for download and completion.

There are two deadlines:
11 February 2013 – Completed applications to be submitted to the SGS-DTC Directorate.
11 March 2013 – Decisions to be communicated by the SGS-DTC Directorate.

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