Mobilising knowledge to improve UK health care

Huw Davies, Sandra Nutley and Alison Powell have recently been awarded funding for an 18 month research project on knowledge mobilisation approaches used in health care (in the UK and internationally) and in social care and education in the UK.  This 18 month project, which started at the beginning of January, is funded by the NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research programme.  In brief, the aim of the study is to pull together and make available the learning from knowledge mobilisation approaches used at the ‘macro level’ (i.e. approaches used by research funders, major research producers and key research intermediaries). We are defining ‘knowledge mobilisation’ approaches broadly as approaches designed to increase the use and impact of research-based knowledge.
NIHR HS&DR project summary.

Professor Huw Davies

Huw DaviesIn 2012, Huw Davies, Co-Director of SDHI, was appointed to an external role working with the Australian National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) commissioning a suite of six ‘Partnership Centres’ to combine research production and application for health systems. He sits on both the International Expert Review Panel and the International Scientific Advisory Panel guiding this substantial initiative (the total investment here will be around A$70 million).

Paper written for the Alliance for Useful Evidence

Huw Davies, Sandra Nutley and Alison Powell have written a ‘provocation paper’ for the Alliance for Useful Evidence on ‘What counts as good evidence?‘.
You can download this free of charge from the Alliance website here.  Huw Davies has also written an associated blog
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Collaboration with Community and Rehabilitation Reseachers in Arizona

The new year has begun with exciting new developments for SDHI. We have entered into a collaboration with a team of researchers based at various universities in Arizona, including the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. On invitation by Research Professor Catherine Marshall who presented a seminar at SDHI in 2012, a group of rehabilitation, family, cancer and disability researchers from Arizona, Finland and the UK convened in Tucson in mid-January. Along with presentations (podcast 79) at the University of Arizona, Cancer Institute, individual meetings with community practitioners and researchers and students formed the basis for many new research ideas, projects, and ideas for collaboration. The group decided to launch a virtual research platform, called FRED (Family-focused Research, Education and Development in Low Income Communities), which will be filled with activities and life over the coming months. SDHI will be an integral partner to this initiative and we look forward to developing joint grant applications, work exchanges and seminars with our colleagues in North America and Finland. Over the coming weeks and months we will provide updates about the progress of this initiative.

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