Congratulations to Professor Mary Wells who has been affiliated with SDHI for several years. Mary has been appointed Professor of Cancer Nursing Research & Practice at the Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit (NMAHP RU) at the University of Stirling. She will work closely with former SDHI director and now NMAHP RU director, Professor Brian Williams. We wish Mary all the best in her new post and look forward to new collaborative opportunities.

We also like to congratulate Professor Graeme Hutton on his recent promotion. Graeme is an award winning architect and has been a Reader at the University of Dundee before being awarded a Personal Chair this week. He is Associate Dean and Head of Architecture and Planning at the University of Dundee. Graeme is co-organising with SDHI and the Geddes Institute for Urban Research a symposium on the 27th June, entitled ‘CARE SPACE: Future Designs for Wellbeing’.

Further congratulations go to Dr Caroline Bradbury-Jones who has been promoted to Senior Lecturer and will shortly be taking up a new position at the University of Manchester, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work.

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