US study highlights the challenges of being homeless and having a disability

A new publication examines the challenges that homeless adults with disabilities face in terms of health care access when they are living on the streets or in temporary shelters. Findings are based on in-depth structured interviews with 83 adults with various disabilities in Washington, DC. Particular challenges exist with regard to continuity of care and care coordination. Study findings date a few years back to the time before the global economic crisis. At the time of the study Washington DC was struggling to maintain its public services, including coverage under Medicaid for its residents. One can only wonder to what extent the economic hardship endured since may have exacerbated the situation since. There has been a substantial rise in homelessness in the past five years in major American cities. The Guardian Newspaper has recently reported on this issue. Read the newspaper article here. The short research article on the DC study can be found here.Image

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