Disabled women’s access to maternity care when they experience domestic abuse

SDHI is collaborating with researchers from the University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, Queen’s University Belfast and NHS Fife to explore the relationship between disability, domestic abuse and access to maternity care. Funded by Wellbeing of Women, the research will identify the barriers faced by disabled women who experience domestic abuse and develop strategies for improving their access to needed maternity services. This is a multi-phase study involving individual interviews with women and focus group interviews with maternity care practitioners. More information can be found at http://www.dundee.ac.uk/pressreleases/2013/november13/maternitystudy.htm
We are currently in the process of recruiting women who have a health condition or impairment, have experienced domestic abuse and have used maternity services recently. It is really important to learn from women’s experiences and listen to their suggestions for improvement. Please help us publicise our study and assist us with the identification of women who may wish to take part in this important study. You can help us in sharing and liking our facebook page www.facebook.com/maternitystudy The page also contains a short video with further information.

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