Work and Cancer – Seminar

Dr Beth Grunfeld from Birmingham will be presenting a Seminar entitled ‘Work and Cancer’ on Thursday 13th March at 4pm in Seminar Room 2, Medical Science Building, North Haugh Site, University of St Andrews

Advances in the early detection and treatment of cancers have resulted in an improved prognosis and, thus, an increasing number of people of working age are able to return to usual aspects of life, including work. Along with the obvious financial implications, participation in work is recognised as important for overall psychological and physical well-being, and for many cancer survivors, returning to work represents a sign of returning to normality and social reintegration.
This presentation will outline findings of a mixed methods study examining working following cancer treatment cross four different cancer groupings (breast, gynaecological, head and neck and urological cancers) reporting on predictors of working following cancer treatment and in-depth interviews exploring the experience of work among cancer survivors. The presentation will finish with an outline of how these findings have been incorporated into the protocol for an intervention study to improve work related outcomes for cancer survivors.

host: Dr Jo Cecil (jc100

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