David B Gray: A Close Friend, Researcher and Disability Rights Advocate Has Passed Away


David Gray speaking to students and staff at Dundee University in 2009

It is with great sadness that we learned about the death of Professor David B Gray, Washington University School of Medicine David_Gray_WUSTLat the age of 71 in St Louis, Missouri. Dave was a close friend of SDHI, an inspiring researcher, mentor and disability rights advocate over five decades of his life. Dave came to Dundee twice in the past 6 years and we have worked with many of his excellent postgraduate occupational therapy research students. St Louis Public Radio (please see this link for an impressive vita of his life) has published an impressive testimony of his tremendous achievements and his amazing life. Apart from his relentless strive to improve the lives of people with disabilities through enhancing their participation and equal rights and his encyclopedic scientific mind what inspired those who  had the pleasure to meet him most was his generosity and humility. Dave was a patient listener, always open for new ideas, and had a great sense of humour. And he encouraged people to challenge the status quo, the barriers that continue to exist and prevent many people with disabilities from engaging with and benefitting from society. Dave Gray will be missed by so many people around the globe, at a personal level, at a professional level. Thank you, Dave!

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