Emerging priorities in mental health and addiction

We are delighted to announce a joint ENTER Mental Health, SDHI, and Centre for Addiction Research & Education Scotland CARES Conference to be held in St Andrews on Friday 3rd June 2016 entitled “Emerging priorities in mental health and addiction: the Virtual World, Ageing and Migration

This is a one day conference to explore key issues facing us as researchers, practitioners and policy makers

Further information and registration details can be found at https://enterepmhe2016.wordpress.com/

Enquiries should be directed to epmhe2016@st-andrews.ac.uk


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SDHI colleagues nominated for Clinical Academic Research Awards 2015

Debbie and GavinCongratulations to Dr Debbie Baldie and Gavin Wylie in SDHI who have been nominated for the NMAHP Clinical Academic Research Awards 2015. These awards are open to all Scottish based Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals and will recognise excellence and be given for the following categories:

  • Innovation
    – of ideas, services or research methods
  • Impact or Potential for Impact
    – research that has had or has the potential to have significant impact on services and outcomes
    – research that has added important knowledge to inform the training of NMAHPs at undergraduate, postgraduate or CPD level
  • Personal Achievement/Development
    – early career researcher: individuals showing promise as potential high quality researchers
    – research leadership: examples of exemplary leadership either within an NHS or HEI context

Nominees will attend a national event in the Autumn in Edinburgh – where the winners will be announced.

National Award for Palliative Care Team

A team from NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee has won a prestigious Physical Activity and Health Alliance award from NHS Health Scotland for promoting physical activity in palliative care patients.

A palliative care exercise programme encouraging people living with cancer and other long term conditions to be more active won the ‘raising physical activity awareness’ category at the awards ceremony held in Edinburgh.

The exercise programme was developed to implement and test in practice research evidence about the benefits of physical activity. It was developed by Mandy Trickett, Macmillan Specialist Physiotherapist at Macmillan Day Care and Dr Jacqui Morris, Allied Health Professions Research Lead with NHS Tayside and a Senior Research Fellow at the Social Dimensions of Health Institute, University of Dundee. The project was supported by practice development apprenticeship for Allied Health Professionals delivered by Dr Morris.

Dr Morris said, “Implementing evidence from research into practice can be challenging, but we worked hard to develop a programme to meet the specific needs of the patients.

“The response was fantastic and we are really pleased to be able to clearly demonstrate the benefits of physical activity to patients so well.”

Mandy said, “Patients and staff have become much more aware of the benefits and importance of keeping active in every aspect of life.

“This project helped us understand what patients prefer as we develop activities such as walking programmes within Macmillan Cancer Support’s national ‘Move More’ programme.

“Winning this award will spread the important message that improving access to physical activity programmes can help relieve and improve many symptoms as a normal part of treatment before referral to specialist palliative care services.”

PAHA award 2014

Jacqui and Mandy at the Physical Activity and Health Alliance award ceremony on the 24th April, with Shona Robison the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for the Commonwealth Games, Sport, Equalities and Pensioners’ Rights


Webinar recording on Human Rights, Violence, Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation in Haiti Now Available

Fiona Stephenson, Clinical Nurse Specialist and founding member of the Haiti Spinal Cord Injury Working Group and Co-ordinator of the Haiti Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Database presented an inspiring and insightful webinar on the context of violence as the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in Haiti. Fiona, who is also a Co-Founder of the International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses and the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS), discussed in her webinar the challenges to providing basic life sustaining care and rehabilitation for gunshot injury survivors in a resource poor environment. Mortality and medical complications are extremely high, skill and extensive despite the great skill, creative mindsets and phenomenal willpower of the health care teams on the ground. The earthquake that shattered Haiti in 2010 has taken a further toll on a very rudimentary health care infrastructure. Gun violence is not abating. Despite much innovation and legislative changes, people who live with the disabling consequences of violence still find it difficult to find support, accessible environments and opportunities for full societal participation and inclusion. Many promising facilities are threatened by closure due to a lack of funding. But despite all adversity, there were many stories of hope, human spirit and resilience, of people pulling together and becoming advocates for their own life, against gun violence and for better support services and health care.

Fiona’s webinar presentation can be viewed here.  We will add an audiopodcast shortly.

Dr Damien Williams, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews gave a very nuanced and greatly reflective response to Fiona Stephenson’s presentation. 

If you would like to learn more about gun violence in Haiti and its disabling consequences, we recommend to purchase the book ‘Gun Violence, Disability and Recovery’, edited by Cate Buchanan, Director of the Surviving Gun Violence Project. The book is available as an ebook or paperback on the organisation’s website

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Joining up local, national and global expertise

SDHI has received over 12,000 visits to its site since February 2012 and has the map below illustrates has achieved a near global reach in over 130 countries. As SDHI approaches its 10 year anniversary we will continue to join up local, national and global expertise to explore social dimensions topics through collaborative research and knowledge exchange events with the ultimate goal of transforming lives and communities. Image