#SDHI2015 New opportunities for interdisciplinary research – join the discussion

As the University of Dundee is completing a process of structural re-organisation an even greater emphasis and focus is placed on high quality interdisciplinary research. SDHI has entered its ‘teenage years’ as a broker and platform for innovative research across disciplinary boundaries. We would like to invite you to reflect with us about new opportunities for SDHI to engage across and between the universities, to facilitate new partnerships with community partners and the public, and to maintain a vibrant and supportive environment for experienced and novice researchers to learn and develop ideas in response to social and health-related challenges of the 21st Century. Join us in person on the 16th June at 2pm at the University of Dundee or engage with us by email sdhi@dundee.ac.uk or via Twitter @SDHIresearch #SDHI2015 SDHI2015