Earthquake Disaster Relief for Nepal

Please see the following message by Sheela Tripathee

Hi everyone,

My name is Sheela Tripathee. I am originally from Nepal. As you might have heard, on 25th April, 2015, Nepal has been seriously devastated by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The government of Nepal has declared a state of emergency. Already over 2,000 people have been pronounced dead with thousands of additional injured. Many homes as well as cultural and religious heritage sites have been destroyed. Many people have been displaced due to the destruction and continuing tremors. Immediate relief will entail search and rescue, medical care, food, water, and shelter. While the destruction in Kathmandu has been clearly visible in photographs that have circulated on the Internet, many rural areas have been similarly affected, where there is urgent need for rescue and relief.

I am a Volunteers for Nepal Scotland Friendship Forum (NSFF), a registered charitable organisation
(SC042759) and would like to request your generous support. Volunteers of NSFF, mostly members of small Nepali community here in Tayside Scotland are actively involved in raising fund to send back to through agencies which is actively involved in bringing relief on the ground both inside and outside the capital. We seek help from everyone to aid the immediate relief and long-term rebuilding effort to overcome the effects of this tragic earthquake.

You can donate through the link below.