Disability and human rights: Global perspectives

EdurneSDHI is delighted to be hosting this Webinar entitled “Disability and human rights: Global perspectives” which will be led by Edurne García Iriarte, Assistant Professor and Director of the MSc in Disability Studies at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). This FREE Webinar will be held on Wednesday 13th April at 2pm (GMT)

For further information please see webinar flyer

Transformative Innovation in Health and Social Care

Professors Thilo Kroll and Huw Davies, Co-Directors of SDHI along with colleagues

Dr Margaret Hannah, Director of Public Health, NHS Fife
Professor Vikki Entwistle, Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen
Professor Brendan McCormack, School of Nursing, Queen Margaret University
Professor Belinda Dewar, University of the West of Scotland
Graham Leicester, Director, International Futures Forum
Nicola Gray, Programme Manager, Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre

have been awarded funding from the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (SUII) for a project entitled Understanding, forming and fostering a culture of transformative innovation in health and social care

This proposal focuses on the kinds of transformative innovation that are needed within services and communities to address pressing concerns about the appropriateness and sustainability of health and social care provision across whole populations. It brings together leading Scottish and international thinkers and practitioners from three key areas of research and practice development, and provides a structured but flexible programme within which they can generate synergistic insights into the conditions that can enable the kinds of cultures of transformative innovation that could foster the provision of health and social support consistent with the best aspirations of humanity.

The three areas of practice and development that underpin the programme are: (1) Fifth wave thinking (ideas oriented to deal with the contemporary challenges of public health for which previous major developments in public health are proving insufficient); (2) Person-centred care (a cluster of ideas about both what is humane and morally appropriate in health and social care provision and how people can contribute to their own health and wellbeing); and (3) Transformation (studies of transformative rather than less radical or far-reaching forms of innovation).

Building out from existing collaborations within the three areas, programme partners and participants have been drawn from universities and from state and third sector policy leaders and health and social care providers. Supported by a strong commitment particularly from the International Futures Forum, a series of webinars and workshops will enable a sharing of current understandings and perspectives and facilitate fresh, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral conversations oriented both to understand and promote positive transformation both during and beyond the span of the programme.

The objectives of the proposed work are:

  1. Create the space for creative and productive cross-boundary and inter-disciplinary ‘facilitated dialogue’ to scope out the relevant bodies of work and strands of thinking that can underpin transformative innovation in health and social care and public health;
  2. Build a cumulative vision of the relevant organisational and system features of transformation-enabled public services around population health and care;
  3. Map a series of actions for key influencers within the system that may help to bring about the conditions for transformation capacities and capabilities;
  4. Define the means by which we can develop an assessment of the progress towards building such transformative capacities and capabilities;
  5. Create an action-focused research agenda to provide a better evidence base for the underpinnings of transformation through innovation in health and social care and public health.
  6. Prompt the emergence of new collaborations that can take forward investigations and actions in support of both research and transformative change.

Two well attended SDHI events providing foundation for future activities in the area of health and human rights and social dimensions of addiction

Last week saw two well attended SDHI event. On the 6th October we hosted a Symposium on Health, human rights and development, which saw more than 40 people attending, including academics representing a variety of disciplines, fore mostly social and health sciences from Dundee, St Andrews and Edinburgh and health professionals. At the moment we are in the process of summarising the information from that day and will post updates shortly. There was clearly an ‘appetite’ to continue the conversation on the topic of health and human rights, and SDHI will organise follow-on activities in this area shortly. In a next step we will engage with NGOs and form further discussion groups. Questions addressed in the symposium revolved around how the university can become more engaged with human rights concerns in its curricula, outreach and research activities as well as in its internal operations.

Coffee beak3

For the second event, we ‘experimented’ with a new format. Nine academics, health professionals, and representatives for non-governmental organisations engaged in an intensive breakfast roundtable discussion lasting 2.5 hours on the social dimensions of addiction. The discussion included the president of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM), Dr Gregory Bunt, New York University (NYU) School of Medicine. The discussion was added to a very successful four day ISAM conference in Dundee, that had been chaired by Dr Alex Baldacchino who will shortly take up a Chair in Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of St Andrews and join the SDHI Management Team as a new Associate Director. The discussion revealed new frontiers of addiction, examined the complexity of multiple factors of social marginalisation and explored opportunities for translational research. A briefing report will be available shortly. Clearly, SDHI will be continue to explore applied interdisciplinary research avenues between social science, mental health and addiction medicine.

Breakfast roundtable

SDHI/DJCAD Seminar – Wednesday 26 August at 3pm

Katie Siek seminar flyer 260815Katie Siek from Indiana University Bloomington will show how applying theories from psychology, design and business to application design gradually improved acceptance and appropriation in underserved communities. This FREE seminar will take place on Wednesday 26th August at 3pm in 1G06, Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee ALL WELCOME

Please see the seminar flyer for further information.  To register your attendance please email Rosanne r.c.bell @dundee.ac.uk

Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust & DCA’s Free Participatory Arts and Health Event – It’s good for your health!

THAT logoThis event is being held on Thursday 17th September 2015 from 9.15am – 4.00pm at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Participate in this exchange which demonstrates positive partnerships between Arts, Health and Mainstream Cultural Organisations. This event should be of interest to Arts and Health Professionals, Researchers, Artists, Educators, Statutory and Voluntary organisation.

If you would like to attend, please confirm your attendance by email to either :
kneill@ nhs.net or ckelly3@ nhs.net

Health, Human Rights and Development – Symposium – 6 October 2015

SDHI is planning to hold this interdisciplinary and interprofessional Symposium and Workshop on ‘Health, Human Rights and Development’ on Tuesday the 6th of October 2015 from 1.45pm at the University of Dundee. We aim to bring together researchers, practitioners, NGO representatives to focus on health and health care issues from a human rights and development perspective. Please help us make the afternoon interesting and successful.

Please see our flyer for preliminary details. If you are interested in presenting and/or attending our symposium and workshop, please contact us at sdhi@dundee.ac.uk

Forthcoming Seminar- If You Build it

KatieSDHI and the Living Digital Group, DJCAD are hosting the following seminar presented by Katie Siek, Associate Professor in Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington entitled ‘If You Build it’. This FREE seminar will take place on Wednesday 26th August at 3pm in room 1G06, Dalhousie Building. ALL WELCOME. Please see the seminar flyer for further information.  To register your attendance please email Rosanne r.c.bell@dundee.ac.uk