Dundee Student Association (DUSA) and Shared Knowledge Hub are hosting regular ‘Cultural Fridays’ to tackle social isolation and marginalisation

The Shared Knowledge Hub, led by Dr Fernando Fernandes and the Dundee University Students Association (DUSA) and the West Church, are organising a cultural activity, every Friday, starting on 16th October 1:30 – 4:00pm. This will involve a range of activities such as cine-club, board games, international food, music and so on.

The CULTURAL FRIDAY (still a provisory name) aims to address the demand for cultural and creative activities. We believe this can, indirectly, contribute with existing efforts to impact positively on social isolation and mental health issues.

This will be a space to students exercise solidarity and raise awareness of critical issues in society. A space for social and knowledge interaction and mutual learning. In line with the University’s focus on transformation it will connect the university community with Dundee citizens. The Shared Knowledge Hub embraces DUSA campaign to raise awareness among students about social issues and welcomes this partnership approach.

Final Report – The situation of people who are at risk of homelessness in the city of Dundee

Research has taken place across various church based initiatives in Dundee known as the Dundee Drop In Network and this report reveals the situation of people who are at risk of homelessness in the city of Dundee. These initiatives provide crisis support for people who need access to food, a place to meet and access to information and advice. Over recent times the demands on such services has increased due to the welfare cuts and the impact of benefit sanctions.

Developed as a partnership between Dundee Drop In Network, Faith in Community Dundee and the University of Dundee, active collaboration between volunteers from the drop in services and students from the University resulted in the completion of the research data.

The final report can be viewed here

Shared Knowledge Hub – Working together to tackle homelessness and poverty in Dundee

Congratulations to Dr Fernando Fernandes, Senior Lecturer in Inequalities and SDHI member who will be leading a public engagement project (Shared Knowledge Hub – Working together to tackle homelessness and poverty in Dundee) to connect students at the University of Dundee with community organisations and service users in Dundee around poverty and homelessness issues. The project is supported by a grant from the Revealing Research Public Engagement team. SDHI will provide support for this project. This initiative illustrates the commitment to work with communities to achieve change and is in line with SDHI’s strategy ‘Connecting to transform lives’.

US study highlights the challenges of being homeless and having a disability

A new publication examines the challenges that homeless adults with disabilities face in terms of health care access when they are living on the streets or in temporary shelters. Findings are based on in-depth structured interviews with 83 adults with various disabilities in Washington, DC. Particular challenges exist with regard to continuity of care and care coordination. Study findings date a few years back to the time before the global economic crisis. At the time of the study Washington DC was struggling to maintain its public services, including coverage under Medicaid for its residents. One can only wonder to what extent the economic hardship endured since may have exacerbated the situation since. There has been a substantial rise in homelessness in the past five years in major American cities. The Guardian Newspaper has recently reported on this issue. Read the newspaper article here. The short research article on the DC study can be found here.Image