Strong SDHI representation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo in Boston

Like in the previous year, SDHI affiliated researchers had a substantial presence at this years largest academic and professional public health conference with an estimated 13000 delegates. SDHI Associate Director Professor Peter Donnelly (St Andrews) hosted a special session on the recent Sandy Hook School Shooting in Boston, which brought together different perspectives ranging from parents, criminologists to policy makers.

Damien Williams presented posters on the relationship between community and domestic violence and football matches in Glasgow as well as on alcohol use quantities and patterns among university students at St Andrews.  Thilo Kroll contributed to a special session organised by the Disability Chairs Forum of the APHA Disability Section on ‘The a Construction of Disability and Health: The Role of Spaces and Places’, a discussion which continues on Facebook, and to a presentation entitled ‘Addressing the psychosocial support needs of cancer co-survivors in low income communities’ as part of a session on ‘Social Determinants of Behavioral Health: Addressing Root Causes through Public Policy and Community Practice’ . The latter also introduced SDHI’s sister platform, FRED (family focused research, education and development), which aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and families globally to examine and tackle social deprivation and marginalisation issues related to health. At present researchers from the Unites States, Finland and the UK are engaged in this effort. Thilo also presented three posters relating to a recently completed study on outcome measurement after stroke. The posters focused on rehabilitation professionals’ attitudes to outcome measure use, rationale for selecting outcome measures, and engagement of stroke survivors with aphasia in the discussion about what matters after stroke.  Shiraz Sheriff, PhD student who is supported by SDHI team directors Ed Hall and Thilo Kroll presented his poster, entitled ‘Asthma, deprivation and the urban environment in Scotland: Evidences, challenges and directions‘. For the first time SDHI was also involved in the APHA Film Festival where Lisa Nicoll’s film ‘Wasteland’ was shown. A productive evening session with PhD students has further linked SDHI’s research portfolio and support for postgraduate researchers to a wider international group, which is part of the internationalisation ambitions of SDHI. The presence of SDHI at APHA was particularly poignant this year as the motto of the conference was ‘Think global, act local: Best practices around the world’.

Health & Wellbeing and The Arts Symposium – Lyceum Theatre

The Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP) in partnership with The Lyceum, Lisa Nicoll Productions and the University of Stirling are holding an afternoon of talks from a variety of speakers on the topic of Young Peoples’ Mental Health & Wellbeing and the Arts on Thursday 21st of March.

This free event will culminate in the premiere of ‘Stolen Promises‘, a short film drama produced by Lisa Nicoll and developed with and starring young people from the Armadale Youth Space in West Lothian.  This event is in conjunction with The Lyceum theatre’s production of Takin’ over the Asylum.  Both the film and play have story lines that explore mental health and wellbeing and show how the arts and health can be brought together for a wide audience.

Who can attend?
This event is open to everyone and will be particularly relevant for those who work with young people, in the field of mental health and wellbeing, or in the arts.

What are the benefits of attending?
The event will provide the opportunity to hear and learn from a variety of speakers on the subject of mental health & wellbeing and the arts, with a particular focus upon Scotland.  The event will also provide the opportunity to see, for the first time, ‘Stolen Promises’, a short film developed with young people from the Armadale Youth Space, tackling issues around mental health & wellbeing.  The event will be attended by mental health professionals, arts professionals, researchers and other interested parties.  This will be a fantastic opportunity to network, meet others and build professional relationships.

How do I register?
If you would like to attend this event please book through the Lyceum website at

Shattered Walls – written and directed by Lisa Nicoll

Shattered Walls is a short contemporary film which explores modern day society and the impact one small aspect of sectarianism can make to the everyday life of people in a community.  The official launch of Shattered Walls will be held on Wednesday 27th March at Armadale Academy.  For further information please visit Lisa’s website
Lisa Nicoll

The Protector – a short film by Lisa Nicoll

The film launch of Lisa’s film The Protector was held in the Regal Theatre, Bathgate on the 18th of January.  Researched and developed with CHILDREN 1st’s Chill Out Zone and filmed on location in West Lothian, The Protector explores the world of teenage survival and family loyalties.  For further information please visit Lisa’s website
The Protector

Health and Wellbeing through Literature, Film & Theatre by Lisa Nicoll – 8th November – POSTPONED

Please note that Lisa’s presentation due to be held on Thursday 8th November at 5pm in Lecture Room 4, Gateway Building, University of St Andrews has been postponed.

For further information about Lisa visit

Health and Wellbeing through Literature, Film & Theatre by Lisa Nicoll

SDHI would like to remind you of the next in a series of events presented by Lisa to be held on Thursday 8th November at 5pm ‘Leathered’ – Book presentation and discussion in Lecture Room 4, Gateway Building, University of St Andrews 

Leathered is Lisa’s first piece of fiction and is a short novel about choices facing teenagers. The book has been piloted for feedback in St Kentigerns and Bathgate Secondary Schools in West Lothian. The book is to be launched Scotland wide for all secondary schools in 2012 with a general publication to follow


This is a free event 

If you would like to attend please contact Rosanne Bell (r.c.bell

For further information about Lisa visit

Good discussion at performance of ‘Caked’ tonight

The film ‘Caked’ illustrates the complex lives of some young carers who have to navigate challenges with regard to caring for a parent, friendships, sibling relationships and school. The film shows that there sometimes is not a single solution, a simple way to pursue. It is a fictitious snapshot in time without easy answers, without a recipe for success but with a lot of food for thought. This was reiterated by the young carers and professionals who made up tonight’s supportive audience.