PhD opportunity in Child and Adolescent Health

The School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews is offering the following PhD opportunity with a start date of September 2015 – ‘Biology, behaviour and social determinants – pubertal timing and mental health – what roles do environment and genetics play?

Further information can be found here

2015 ESRC Studentship Competition Announcement

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is pleased to announce the opening of their 2015 Studentship Competitions. All guidance, applications, and deadlines are now posted on the SGSSS website.

Growing up on the streets – a full-time, three-year PhD studentship

Applications are invited for a full-time, three-year PhD studentship to undertake a research project entitled ‘The place of ‘spirituality’ in street children’s lived experiences: understanding the implications of religious and other spiritual beliefs and practices for growing up on the streets in Africa‘.  This PhD is part of a larger collaborative research project working across three African cities with street children as they grow up on the streets.

Pre-Viva PhD Seminar – “The use and impact of patient feedback in General Practice – A realistic evaluation”

Deborah Baldie, Division of Population Health Sciences and SDHI/SNM will be presenting her pre-viva seminar entitled “The use and impact of patient feedback in General Practice – A realistic evaluation” on Friday 25th July at 10am in Morlich/Nevis, The Mackenzie Building, Kirsty Semple Way, Dundee

Further information is available on the flyer

ESRC Studentships Available for 2014 across 24 Academic Pathways

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences has now released details for upcoming PhD studentships. if you wish to apply for an ESRC studentship through the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science please read the information below. It is essential that prospective students apply and NOT their potential academic supervisors following the process laid out in detail on the website. There are  a number of Award Competitions annually through which studentships can be secured. They are:

The Pathway Competition
The Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) Competition
The Open Competition
The Collaborative Competition
The first three competitions are administered through one single process. ESRC studentships in the Pathway Competition are assigned to our 24 pathways and the pathways award them to applicants on the basis of academic merit. If an applicant is proposing using or developing advanced quantitative methods through their research then they may be considered in the AQM Competition in parallel to being considered in the Pathway Competition.

Applicants who are unsuccessful in securing a studentship through the Pathway Competition and/or the AQM Competition are then automatically considered within the Open Competition. ESRC studentships in the Open Competition are awarded by the Scottish Graduate School, again on the basis of academic merit, through a cross-pathway competition.

Check here for details and deadlines linked to the application process. 

The Collaborative Award Competition is managed separately. Up to 9 PhD studentships in social science subjects will be co-funded. The awards will likely commence in October 2014.

Proposals from academics across the SGS-DTC accredited pathways are welcome.

‘Collaborative’ is defined broadly and covers collaboration with private sector companies, public sector bodies or voluntary organisations. The SGS-DTC Board has allocated up to 9 awards to the collaborative studentship competition for 2014.

 Time Frame for Collaborative studentships

Deadline for applications: Mon 10 February 2014

Decisions communicated to applicants: Mon 10 March 2014

Further Details

 The application form is available for download here.

Interested parties should download and read the guidance notes.


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Positive SDHI Postgraduate Retreat

After a hiatus of two years SDHI held its annual retreat for postgraduate students and early career researchers in Kindrogan on October 30-31 again. A diverse group of students and staff from many disciplines from St Andrews and Dundee discussed – in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – what it means to undertake a PhD, how to address challenging methodological questions, career pathways, how to write for publication and how to maximise impact of research. Students and researchers presented their work and stimulated debate and constructive feedback. We feel encouraged by the positive feedback to continue with these workshops in the following years. For a personal reflection on the retreat, please visit this blog entry.

Pre-Viva PhD Seminar – “A realistic evaluation approach to understanding the uptake of cardiovascular health checks”

Ruth Dryden, Social Dimensions of Health Institute/School of Medicine will be presenting her pre-viva PhD seminar entitled “A realistic evaluation approach to understanding the uptake of cardiovascular health checks” on Tuesday the 18th of September at 11.30am in Esk/Bruar, The Mackenzie Building, Kirsty Semple Way, Dundee
Ruth Dryden viva seminar