Sensory Impairment & Pharmaceutical Care – Project Launch

SIPA logo 4SDHI led research project ‘Sensory Impairment and Pharmaceutical Care – what are
the needs of older people receiving polypharmacy?
’ which began in October will be holding a first Advisory Group Meeting in Inverness tomorrow, 11th December.  The project’s PI – Professor Thilo Kroll and Research Associate, Dr Kirsty Killick (SDHI) will be joined by project members Dr Mags Watson (University of Aberdeen), Drs Leah Macaden, Annetta Smith and Kath Stoddart (University of Stirling) along with members of the Advisory Group from Royal National Institute of Blind People, Sight Action – Highland Sensory, Action on Hearing Loss, NHS Tayside, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Community Pharmacy Scotland, and representatives including older people with sensory impairments and their carers.

The aims of the project are

  • to explore the pharmaceutical care needs including medicines management of older people with sensory impairment who have to manage more than one health condition and more than four different medicines
  • to study how community pharmacists provide pharmaceutical care to older people with visual and/or hearing loss

Further information about this study can be found here

Job opportunity for Research Associate

SDHI is currently seeking an experienced researcher with previous experience of working with older people with sensory impairment/s using assistive technology aids (preferred) or a willingness to be trained in this area, handing and interpreting both quantitative and qualitative data and with excellent organisational skills, to work for 18 months 1.0 WTE on a CSO funded project. The post involves providing support to the PI and co-investigators in preparing ethics applications, conducting interviews, analysing data, organising research and advisory group meetings and disseminating research findings to a wide range of stakeholder groups. The project focuses on pharmaceutical care management of community-dwelling older people with sensory impairment/s who take multiple medicines (polypharmacy).

The closing date for applications is 3rd July 2015, with interviews to be conducted during the week of the 13th July 2015.

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