Congratulations Professor Thilo Kroll!

Thilo KrollSDHI is delighted to announce Thilo has been appointed Professor.  Thilo has been co-director of SDHI since January 2011.  His research focuses on the health, well-being and social participation of people with disabilities. He has received government and charity funding in the United States and the UK (US: Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research; Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; UK: Chief Scientist Office, ESRC, EPSRC, SFC, KTP).  Thilo is also co-founder of FRED – Family-Focused Research Education & Development

Thilo’s research focuses on three strands: Access and utilisation of health care services for people with disabilities; inclusive research design, methodology and routine data collection, and health promotion for people with disabilities. In each of these area, he has developed empirical work and published widely.

Since moving to Dundee, he has maintained and developed new national and international collaborations with colleagues from various social science and health-related disciplines to facilitate knowledge sharing and research at the intersection of disability and health.

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