Psychological and social factors influence uptake of exercise after stroke

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This structured literature review led by Dr Jacqui Morris, School of Nursing & Midwifery at the University of Dundee in collaboration with SDHI highlights the importance of self efficacy beliefs and social support in the uptake of physical activity after stroke. Read the full article in the Open Access Journal ‘Stroke Research and Treatment’ at

One SDHI website: Two ways to get to it

We have said ‘Good bye’ to our old website! After several months work we have moved most of our current and recent past web content to this new site. The ‘archive’ is not lost, and we will restore some of the content over the next few months. Why a new website?

A refreshed look

The time had come to give SDHI a bit of a ‘facelift’. An optimistic, dynamic red. A new, recognisable logo. A refreshed SDHI research strategy.

Easy navigation

We want our website to be easy to use and to navigate. The blog format of the site allows us to add new pages and content as we need them.

Frequent news updates

We use two primary channels for news updates. The website itself lists under the news tab developments around events, grants, publications, and other activities, SDHI is involved in. Several posts will be made each month. The Twitter feed captures on a near daily basis relevant news items from around the globe with relevance to the Social Dimensions of Health, Wellbeing and Participation.

Opportunities for interactivity and dynamic development

The web-based content will grow along with new projects, partnerships, events and activities. We want to use the website, not only as a repository for information but as a ‘marketplace’ of ideas, a forum for collaboration and interactivity.

Multimedia content

The new site allows us easy and flexible integration of multimedia content, such as images, videos, slideshows and podcasts. Our team can post updates regularly and frequently, which will make it more attractive to come back to our site.

Social networking

The SDHI website is integrated with Facebook and Twitter and news updates are posted on all of these fora. This allows us to ‘stream’ real time content to SDHI partners, and we can use these social networking tools to promote collaboration around the globe.

We hope you will like our site, which will continue to evolve. You can reach our site now via


Come and check back frequently!

Your SDHI Team

Centre for Studying Health Inequalities in Cancer

A Civic Reception at Dundee City Council Chambers brought together around 60 representatives for Dundee City Council, the NHS and the University of Dundee today. The Lord Provost of Dundee, John Letford welcomed the attendees. Tayside and Dundee continue to have substantial disparities in health outcomes and cancer survival between the poorest and most affluent segments of its population. Intersectorial and interdisciplinary action is required to tackle these persistent inequalities. A Centre for Studying Health Inequalities in Cancer is seen as providing new impetus to addressing the equality gap in close collaboration with local communities. The meeting was initiated by Professor Kearney in the School of Nursing & Midwifery at the University of Dundee. Mr Gerry Marr, Chief Executive NHS Tayside and Mr David Dorward, Chief Executive, Dundee City Council are supporting the initiative. The Principal of the University of Dundee, Professor Downes stressed the importance of interdisciplinary working. SDHI will strive to engage closely with the new Centre.

Communities, science and wellbeing: SDHI Day of Public Engagement Drawing Close

Only a few days until the SDHI Day of Public Engagement in the lending library in Dundee’s Wellgate Shopping Centre. The Courier already announced the event, which will showcase research from both Dundee and St Andrews universities, across a range of disciplines (geography, nursing, art & design, psychology, public health to name a few).

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The day will be an opportunity for dialogue with the wider public. Join us between 10am-4pm on the 29th October in the Wellgate in Dundee.

SDHI supporting CanWork: UK/Ireland network for research on cancer and employment

Dr Mary Wells, University of Dundee, School of Nursing & Midwifery and team member of SDHI and Dr Gill Hubbard, Cancer Care Research Centre (CCRC) at the University of Stirling have initiated a new interdisciplinary research network, CanWork, which focuses on research and knowledge exchange with regard to employment-related questions for people with cancer. It is a growing network of academics and clinicians in the UK and Ireland. SDHI is supporting this venture.

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The Network will be introduced to a wider public at the upcoming conference of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) in Liverpool on the 6-9 November 2011. We will report on our site on progress of this network.